Italian language and Culture week 2014

Italian language and Culture week 2014
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Plan an unforgettable summer week already now!

Italian language and culture studio “Avanti” cooperating with University of Valmiera this year for the second time in Latvia from 25th July till 3rd August organizes an Italian language and culture event La Settimana Italiana 2014.

For every Italian language lover unforgettable Italian Language and Culture Week together with most active, potent, serious and at the same time most funny Italian language and culture lecturers from Italy – Rome, Terni, Bari and Taranto, a little bit with local lecturer help. In characters so different, but together absolutely the most creative teaching team will give You knowledge and emotion full week.

This course is appropriate for all levels of Italian knowledge – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 by the European language standard. And because of the request there will be also a group of students without preliminary knowledge of Italian. With this group will work a lecturer English/Latvian – Italian.

Ten-days intense learning course – language, grammar, culture, familiarization of Italian cuisine – with Italian chef, evening dances with dance teacher and night cinema. In these days You will find Yourself in naturally Italian ambient, having relax, making friendship and practicing new knowledge.

International event where are invited to take a part students of Italian language from the whole Europe, as well as welcomed are guests from more distant places. The event of last year La Settimana Italiana 2013 have took a part participants from Latvia and Hungary, while this year we are waiting for more international group of participants to get new and improve existent knowledge, to enrich language, to discover secrets of Italian cuisine and to learn to dance with Italic passion.

We offer You an excellent welcome, this year all participants will be accommodated in very special and cozy hotel – Avoti, small houses, surrounded by a green,  with comfort, which creates its characteristic ambient of camping and emotions, besides at the hotel in the sports field there will be everyday morning exercises and the positive start of the day with our team athletic guru. Then will follow intense classes of grammar, spoken language and various activities for all day (closer about event program You can see program). All meals will be provided at the hotel, in Italian trattoria or in case of excursion our chef will take care about us. There will be an opportunity to discover secrets of Italian cuisine by yourselves, make your own real Italian pizza in open-air pizzeria,  to go on excursions, to learn dance with Italic passion, to see actual Italian movies in open-air cinema and after all to get new lecturers, new friends and new experience.

This year the care of our meals will take the Italian trattoria Liepziedi un Rozmarīns, a place where You always feel expected and where a real gastronomic debauchery will wait for us! There will be a possibility to enjoy Latvian cuisine and also most preferred Italian dishes, even la pizza made in wood oven.

We can no longer say that it is unprecedented event in Latvia, but the experience of the last year gives us a possibility to make this event more ambitious and improve it.

 Included in the program:

• Italian language and culture classes (grammar, vocabulary, colloquial speech, culture lectures, accordingly to the each student’s language knowledge level)
• cooking classes with Italian chef
• living in the hotel Avoti
• included all the meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• morning exercises guided by positive and athletic teacher
• excursions
• Italian cinema – going to be projected movies in open-air cinema
• informal part of evenings, dances and other activities

All that together with lecturers from Italy!

Classes Hours
Grammar classes 14
Colloquial speech classes 14
Culture classes 16
Cuisine cooking classes 4
Morning exercises 5
Dancing classes 2
Out-of-school activities 33

Fee of the event:

456* Euro

* All participants of the event La settimana italiana 2012 and 2013 get 10% discount and the fee for them is 410 Euro.

* All participants, who are taking friends with them get 5% discount for each friend.

(If a student declines the accommodation in the hotel the fee is 370 Euro, and if the student declines also the offers of meals the fee of the participation is 290Euro.)

More about the program read description of program.

Apply already now filling in an application form. This year maximum number of students only 40.