Report of the event “La settimana italiana 2012”

The best event of this summer „La settimana italiana 2012” is ended!

This summer from 13th till 22nd July in Ventspils there was held an outstanding and international event „The Italian Week 2012” or „La settimana italiana 2012”, in which took a part 37 participants from Latvia (Ventspils, Kuldiga, Riga, Valmiera, Saldus un Liepaja), from Russia (St. Petersburg), from Byelorussia (Minsk), from Hungary (Budapest), and from Denmark (Copenhagen). (Unfortunately all participants are not present in the photo)

Participants every day took a part in intensive lessons of the Italian grammar and spoken language, they worked as in groups as in couples, what every day occupied at least 4 hours.  

And even more they participated in various interactive games and activities. The cheerfulness was not missing also in athletic Italian games, like for example “Ruba bandiera con le varieanti!”.

Every evening there was a conference about various themes: The Art, The Dialects in Italy, The Rich Italian cuisine, The Italian Music, The Italian cinema, The Stereotypes in Italy.

Like a naughty berry of the event – The Lessons of cuisine „Erotic Italian cuisine” together with the chef from Rome, where were made 4 dishes with special recipe made by chef, in this also a very special meat made in water of roses, which was served with leaves of Roses.

Furthermore in the evenings there were not missing dance’ lessons and the continuation of the evenings with DJ from a village of the Lake Garda Gargnano.

The hot lessons of Zumba together with the dance teacher Agate Donina.

In the photo the DJ Davide Samuelli in the middle of two outstanding students!

In the event there were participants with different knowledge of the Italian language, wherewith they were divided in groups appropriate to their knowledge level.

Like teachers of The Italian Week all were teachers native speakers from Italy and not only: 

In the photo from the left side:

  • Chef Mauro Sgrosso (Rome)
  • Teacher of the Art Massimiliano Torchetti (Pescara-Abruzzo)
  • Teacher of the language Francesco Tomasini (Umbria-Terni)
  • Teacher of the language Vitantonio Lovelli (Puglia-Taranto)
  • Teacher of the language Madara Vīcupa (Latvija)
  • Teacher of the language Anna Laura Riggio (Sicilia-Cianciana)
  • Dj Davide Samuelli (Gargnano) – is not present in the photo

In the last days of the event to greet participants of The Italian Week 2012 there was arrived a mayor of the Italian village sig. Gianfranco Scarpetta with his assistant sig. Marco Mascher. During the official visit these guests were welcomed by the assistant of the mayor of Ventspils Janis Vitolins.

In the photo the mayor of the Italian village sig. Gianfranco Scarpetta and the assistant of the mayor of Ventspils Janis Vitolins are changing with presents.

Participants every day were occupied for 6 hours in intensive lessons, and at least 4 hours in extra activities – like Lessons of cuisine, dance lessons, games, bathes in the sea and other activities.  The new motto of The Italian Week 2012 „In questo corso non si dorme mai!” (transl. „In this course do not sleep!”)

On Sunday in the last morning of the Italian Week 2012 the tiredness was tangible, but for sure it was pleasant. We were surprised with Tiramisu made by our chef and then followed the handing of the certificates.  Our greetings  turned emotional and affective, after 10 days side by side to fight with the Italian Grammar, to put together the first phrases, like did beginners without preliminary knowledge, or to find out nuances of the Italian language, like did competent Italian speakers, dances in the evenings and the entertainment were brought together all participants so much, that it was nots o easy to say goodbye. But we all know that „The Italian Week 2013” is waitting for us!

See You next year!!!