Report of the event “La settimana italiana 2013″

The most exciting summer event „Week of Italian Language and Culture 2013” has passed! 

This summer from 12 to 21 July an amazing event „Week of Italian Language and Culture 2013” was held in Kuldīga with 32 participants from Latvia (Ventspils, Talsi, Kuldīga, Jūrmala, Valmiera, Saldus and Madona), as well as from Hungary (Budapest).

Participants had different levels of language proficiency, thus they were divided in groups according to their skills. Every day within intensive lessons of the Italian grammar and spoken language students worked as in groups as in couples. Lessons lasted at least 6 hours per day.

Every morning in order to awake our body and mind our sports guru Rafael helped us to warm up for the coming day with the help of exercises with the sticks and other nontraditional equipment. We did yoga and aerobics as well.

Morning exercises with Rafael named ‘Welcoming the Sun’!

Another great morning with the exercises!

The most exotic still was water aerobics!

Our girls had a courage to jump into Venta Rumba!

Moreover, students participated in different kinds of interactive activities, as well as orientation game ‘Caccia al tesoro’ in Italian.

Every night conferences took place: XX century Italian women, mafia, cinema, cuisine and music. During one of such nights pianist Luigi Maria gave a mini concert.

Francesco Tomasini leading a conference on nowadays Italian women.

The pianist Luigi Maria Maesano introduces us to the Italian classical music.

Participants had an opportunity to prepare four Italian dishes – bruschetta, pasta with tomato and basil pesto, meat dish, and crostata with the help of our chef Giulio Zwei.

Our chef prepared a surprise for us during the trip to Ēdole Castle when a soup was cooked in a cauldron.

In the evenings we were involved in salsa lessons by the teacher Uldis Tomass Šimens. Those dances were accompanied by laughter and joy of our participants!

We would like to thank hotel „Metropole” for the cooperation, delicious meals and a room for dance classes.

Nights were full of surprises THANKS to our enthusiast Rafael!

Teachers participating in the event came from Italy, and not only:

On the photo from the left side:

  • Italian teacher Nicola Corcelli (Foggia)
  • Italian teacher Madara Vīcupa (Latvia)
  • Pianist Luigi Maria Maesano (Reggio Emilia)
  • Italian teacher Francesco Tomasini (Umbria-Terni)
  • Chef Giulio Zwei (Genova)
  • Italian teacher Vitantonio Lovelli (Puglia-Taranto)
  • Morning trainer Rafaels Ciekurs (Latvija) – not present on the photo.

Every day participants were spending 6 hours of intensive lessons, and about 4 hours of extra activities, e.g. cuisine, dance lessons, games, swimming in the sea and other.  The motto for this year has never changed – „In questo corso non si dorme mai!” (transl. „In this course you never sleep!”)

It is worth to recall the preparation of the Venetian carnival masks, as well as participation in the procession within the Kuldīga city anniversary!

Moreover, we would like to say a word of special THANKS to the publishing house ‘Edizioni Edilingua’, the sponsor of the event, presented Italian maps and educating books to our students.

In Sunday morning we felt exhausted, but it was definitely the most pleasant feeling. Chef had cooked an amazing tiramisu for us, and afterwards we received our certificates. Students prepared nice presents for us as well! The week was full of adventures, and now it is time to wait for the forthcoming La settimana italiana 2014!

See you soon !!!