Italian language and Culture Studio “Avanti”
Organiser of international event “Italian Language and Culture Week 2014”.

Madara Kalniņa-Kalnmale

Young, crazy and active. In Italian language – with heart and soul. Likes to arrive on first lecture and cause a shock for new students, who often look with scepsis and incredibility on their new teacher. But after a month we feel already like a family, in which we do not get along without some dose of humor. Every lecture I try to make atypical, involving everyone in discussions, playing situations and approach to everything with positivism. Italian language is a lifestyle, which we live every lecture. The biggest satisfaction is to see pleasure and enthusiasm of students, when they start to succeed, when they are making conversations and even can tease each other. I actively follow to the offered education and working opportunities in Italy, helping also to my students to participate. Every day I spend with my students, learning together, together going through the never-ending grammar rules of Italian language, having a laugh together and feeling mentality of Italy.


  • Attestato di frequenza dei Corsi internazionali di lingua e cultura italiana presso Univesita degli studi di Milano CALCIF
  • LIDB Certificate of Italian Language and Culture Institute
  • Cerificato di frequenza di istituto italiano a Firenze
  • Certificato di frequenza di CEDILS
  • Attestato di partecipazione al VI Corso di Cultura Italiana a Gargnano
  • Master’s degree in electro engineering

Working experience:

  • Italian language lecturer for different knowledge levels in Italian language and culture studio “Avanti”
  • Italian language lecturer in Lifelong education department of Ventspils University College
  • Interpreter in annual international event of Milan – Fiera Milano 2010
  • Interpreter in annual international event of Milan – Fiera Milano 2009
  • Interpreter – guide for folk-dance group “Vainags” in concert tour of Italy

Latvian association’s of Italian language lecturers ALII member. (www.alii.lv)

  • This year we can be proud of getting European Language Label.

Lecturers of event “Italian language and culture week 2013

Our chef Mauro Sgrosso!

More than Italian… I’m authentically Neapolitan.. passion, colors and  love for beauty! I’m a cook who searches for life through tastes and uses its countless expressive forms. Tastes/Flavours are like musical notes: when they are combined together properly, they are able to produce new pleasant sensations in the cook – like the music composer –  as well as in people who enjoy food while tasting those flavors… I have always been looking for genuine ingredients, produced through handmade processes. In my opinion cooking is based on simplicity, knowledge and “respect” of tastes and fragrances. Italy means love for food and cuisine: if you understand that, you understand Italy. Italians take decisions at table and business meetings are sometimes mere formalities to confirm what has already been decided previously during lunches or dinner. When I meet my students, during lessons I focus on sensations and feelings experienced by Italians when they cook and taste some genuine food;  it is a learning process dealing with culture more than cooking techniques. What I try to do is “unveil” the magic world behind a dish prepared with care, love and passion as Italians usually do.

Our trainer of morning exercises Raffaele!

Raffaele believes:

a healthy body is a healthy mind product. So a learning in a thorough school is unthinkable without a proper morning exercises which will be guided by Rafael Ciekurs from the Latvian resort town Jurmala. Rafael Ciekurs by profession is a Physician Assistant and also a beauty care specialist who knows well, if you want to look stunning all day long, and plus the mind works perfectly, every morning should begin with morning exercises. We will learn pilates, face fitness, medical gymnastics, gymnastics with balls and sticks, and during the intensive work breaks we will learn how to relax. Do not forget to take with you a sports wear, and a positive mood all day long.


SPA School – SPA face and body care specialist

P.Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia 
- Physician Assistant

Latvian physical medicine association – medical sauna specialist

Working experience:

Baltic Beach Hotel SPA department

Resort rehabilitation center „Jaunķemeri”

Spa Hotel Pegasa Pils viesnīca Pegasa Pils

Private beach
 „Havana lounge”

Our lecturer Francesco Tomasini!

Hello, I am Francesco, I’m 33 and I live in Budapest, I am an eternal optimist (such as: the glass is half full even when it ‘s only a drop in it) and I am interested in foreign languages and methods of non-formal learning (songs, movies, dialogues, activities’ etc). I like to “talk” (in Italian chiacchierare a word dreaded by some of my students) of this and that, but I also topics concerning psychology, anthropology, sociology and many others of this genre (it means right?). Teaching for about 10 years, in different countries, different levels, in classes and in individual lessons, always making sure that each lesson is interactive, interesting and fun, but also useful for the purposes of learning (with me, you really learn Italian: “mica pizza and figs”). I like to play sports (yes, of course “even” football) and making video (the last and ‘this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsNkikbhZS8 a little’ healthy advertisement). I’ve never been in Latvia and I can not wait to discover this beautiful country and to share this wonderful experience with all of you, I’m sure will be amazing, I promise!

Our lecturer Anna Laura Riggio!

I’m friendly, ironic, communicative, cheerful and curious to know about new places and people. I love travelling, learning and speaking foreign languages, genuine food, nature, music, cinema and art. Although I love sun and beach, I often leave my sunny Sicily in search of places to explore and people to meet; then – once back home – I treasure those travel experiences around Italy and Europe. I love being with my family, friends, colleagues and students I share with my working hours and my free time: good, resourceful, positive, original and enthusiastic people who make special and unique every single moment I live with them. The huge variety of languages and dialects as well as communication in all of its forms and interculturality make me curious and passionate, they have always fascinated and amused me. I consider languages as precious keys opening new, mysterious and charming worlds which may seem distant at first, yet we realize they are surprisingly close to us once we get to know them. I like very much the idea of taking a journey around Italy with my students and showing them around a variety of landscapes, to unveil to them and – why not – to discover together with them unknown aspects of its language and culture through the analysis of Italian cinema, songs, literary texts and media (TV, radio and press).

Our lecturer Vitantonio Lovelli!

It amuses me to call myself a “provincial cosmopolitan” (very common feature among the Italians) enthusiastic about his profession because intrigued by cultural differences, who loves meeting new people, traveling and living lightly. During my years of teaching Italian as a foreign language I have always tried to practice teaching in an unconventional way, alternating with other more traditional activities more communicative and entertainment such as theater, movies and songs. I started my career as a volunteer at Caritas of Rome with literacy courses for migrants and since then I have never stopped. After graduating di.l.it – international house, I continued to work for some private schools in the capital, but my life changed when I won the Comenius grant sponsored by the European Union (life long learning) program from then I live§ permanently in Wrocław, a beautiful city in south-western Poland, in the heart of Europe. Here I hold courses like general language courses and also for commercial officers and employees who work in Italian companies. From this year, I am honored to work as a representative for editorial “Edilingua” the best publishing house that specializes in Italian language courses for foreigners. Now I’m getting ready for this new adventure in Latvia with all of you, which I am sure will be an unforgettable experience!

Our lecturer Nicola Corcelli!

My name is Nicola, and like all Nicolas in Italy I was born in the south of Puglia, and when I was 20 years old I moved a little more up to the small central town of Italy called Chieti where I graduated with B.S. in Psychology. At the age of 26 I moved again more to the north of Turin, where I was a teacher in state schools; I was a “trainer” in communication.

Passing from the south through the centre to the north of Italy – there are only few Italians like me!

I’m 34 years old, and for a year and a few months already my heart has found its place in Riga! I’ve always loved travelling in unknown places, and as a child, it was enough to see an airport to take off with the fantasy … a suitcase, a plane ticket and my sunglasses are within my preferred items! It is because the sun is never enough for me!

Despite the European spirit there always remains a foggiano in my heart!

Within my job I like to contact with people which is why I commenced teaching and getting to know others, and gradually to exchange the first words, few and stunted, to feel the progress day by day, to play, to learn and communicate, and at the end of the course to talk as if Italy is among us. Gorgeous!

Warning! At the end of the course my students always have a unique accent of Puglia!